Read why our pecan pie season is year-round!
R Rahul Dharod

Read why our pecan pie season is year-round!

Oct 3, 2022 · dessert · handpie · pastry · Pie

When we started East Bay Pie we wanted savory flavors to always be our main focus, but we quickly got sweet pie requests we couldn’t ignore. Growing up with a grandma that made amazing fresh pies regularly, and also every once in a while being treated with a trip to El Cerrito institution Fat Apples cemented sweet pies in my mind as the ultimate dessert.

I was pretty happy with any pie sitting in front of me, but pecan pie quickly became my number one, and still sits there today. So much so that when I couldn’t get to grandma’s or Fat Apples, I would go to the 7-11 down the street and buy the mini Duchess Pecan Pies over all the other candy and snack options.

So when we were asked for sweet pies and the holidays were just around the corner in 2020, there was only one answer: Pecan! I wanted it to really stand out and we had started working with Good Eggs so corn syrup was out, and Maple syrup was tagged in, which also gives the pie a much more robust flavor. The second non-traditional move was dark chocolate, which is to Rahul what pecan pie is to me. My first thought was to go with a good quality chocolate that was in small bits, so Guittard mini dark chocolate chips was the easy choice. 

The following week while R&Ding it just so happened that many of our other co-tenants and the landlord were in the kitchen at the time, so we shared our new creation to get instant feedback. With the exception of a couple small tweaks everyone that tried it loved it, and trust us, it’s not small feat to get every tenant in a shared kitchen to agree on something. So we knew we had nailed it.

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