The Humble Potato
R Rahul Dharod

The Humble Potato

Feb 28, 2022 · handpie · pastry · Pie · potato · savory pie · tamarind chutney · turmeric · vada pav

     Vada Pav are popular fast food sandwiches made with a turmeric spiced potato fritter, topped with a variety of green and coconut chutneys that’s squished between a brioche bun. Rahul grew up in Mumbai eating them and knew it would be a perfect filling for our pies. The fluffy spiced potato wrapped in our flaky and crisp butter pastry creates a beautiful contrast of textures and light flavors. At pop-ups we serve it with a tamarind chutney that cuts through the softness of the potatoes and crispness of the pastry with a sweet tartness.

     Don’t be fooled by the simple, light flavors of the Turmeric Spiced Potato. As soon as you try it, you’ll realize the depth of the flavors and textures is much more than meets the eye. This was one of the first flavors we rolled out and continues to be a staple of our menu, once again the humble potato proves to all why so many different cultures around the world have embraced it in their own way.

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